12 Most Affordable U.S. Cities Where You’ll Really Want to Retire

Don’t retire In Los Angeles

The weather in Los Angeles is nice and pleasant, almost all year-round and without a doubt life in the City of Angels is interesting and exciting. America’s second-largest city is well-known for its laid-back vibe and numerous amenities.

Unfortunately, they do not come cheap as Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities in America. The cost of living is twice as much as the national average which means that seniors citizens have to pay almost six digits for their average expenditure.

With the median housing price of about $800,000, houses are anything but cheap in Los Angeles.

Instead, opt for San Bernardino, California

The good news is that you can enjoy many of the same benefits for a much smaller portion of the price in Los Angeles. The median housing price is $295,000, less than half of what you’d have to pay in the City of Angels and the average cost of living is around $60,000 a year.

Add the wide range of entertainment options such as the local theaters and the beautiful Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear and Joshua Tree National Park and you’ve got the perfect way to spend your time without robbing a bank.

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