20 Part-Time Jobs If You’re Retired But Full of Life

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There are more and more retirees than ever that are going back to work after they retire. Why? Maybe because the pension isn’t quite enough to cover all their expenses, or they are trying to help their kids out with their finances. Or, even better, they are full of life and still want to be in the middle of the action.

Whatever the reason, we appreciate them and encourage their power. If you consider taking a part-time job after you retire, there are plenty of things to do. Not only that, but we have on our list some jobs that anyone would dream of! So, we say you should waste no time, and see what job is the closest to your hobbies and needs!

  1. Amazon Camperforce – If you didn’t know by now, now you do. Amazon hires people with RVs to travel to their warehouse locations. You’ll work in a warehouse for an hourly wage and benefits. An assignment can last from 1 to 3 months, with options to stay longer.
  2. Ticket Taker – Take tickets, and show people to their seats, there are plenty of jobs that can be done at your local sports arena or stadium. And if you’re a sports lover, you get to watch your favorite games while working! What’s cooler than that?
  3. Move Manager – There’s a job called Senior Move Manager out there, where someone basically helps people moving from one home to another. The job involves organizing belongings, arranging for garage sales, donating goods, packing and unpacking, and decorate the new home.
  4. Postpartum Doula – You’ve probably done that several times already if you have kids. But did you know that there are women out there who are new to motherhood and would kill for a little help? Not only they could use your expertise in feeding, emotional, and physical recovery from birth, but you get to teach them all you know about infant soothing and basic newborn care.
  5. Docent – For those who have graduated in History of Art, museums would love someone like you to help educate visitors.
  6. Inn Sitter – If you are the greatest host alive, you will definitely love this job. There are networks of inn sitters across the country that replace B&B owners when they’re away. You’ll only need a lot of energy and hospitality skills. What, you’ve already got them? Well, you’re settled.
  7. Cruise Ship Team Member – A cruise ship can be like a floating city, with many job opportunities. If you retired but your adventure spirit didn’t, this one is for you.
  8. Interpreter – If you know sign language or you’re fluent in a foreign language, then you’re services are deeply needed. Interpreters are used in the government, medical field, education, and international organizations.
  9. Seasonal Employee – Retail boutiques, toy stores, big-box stores, they all need some extra help when the holiday season is coming. You can easily earn some money at this time of the year, and then, you can go back to a leisurely lifestyle. Sounds like a deal to me!
  10. Tour Guide – If you’re a people person, and you know pretty well your surroundings, there are people who will hire you to be a tour guide. Check out the local job listings in your area for opportunities.
  11. Tutor – If you worked as a tutor, substitute teacher, or shared your talents teaching violin or programming, you shouldn’t waste all that effort. There are many people or youngsters who would still benefit from your experience.
  12. Seamstress – The world needs more skilled people for greater pillows, slipcovers, and curtains. So if you’re passionate about sewing, you shouldn’t waste your talent. Nothing can compare with experience! Start selling your services on Etsy, and let people know you’re open to new projects.
  13. Income Tax Preparer – If you have experience as a tax accountant, people will pay anything to avoid the dreaded forms and filings. So, if you know this stuff by heart, there’s no reason not to make some extra cash!
  14. Freelance Captioner – Captioning is a great way of earning some extra money. You can work from anywhere you want, whenever you want. You are basically paid to type what you hear, either it’s about transcribing meetings, movies, commercials, lectures, and more.
  15. Wine Tasting Room Host – If you enjoy the occasional glass of wine, you can now make money out of it! A tasting room host might be the perfect part-time job for you, especially if you are sociable and you enjoy meeting new people. The hours will be reasonable, and the discounts are definitely worth the effort.
  16. RV Transporter – Companies need people to transport their brand-new RVs from the manufacturer to the dealership. So, you don’t even need to have an RV to do that.
  17. Barista – This is your chance(and ours) to be the friendliest person in Starbucks. It’s hard work, but if you’re a person that likes to see the job well done, you’ll love working in a coffee shop.
  18. Dog Walker/Pet Sitter – These jobs have high demands these days. If you’re an animal lover, getting paid to spend some time with some furry friends will certainly be only pleasurable!
  19. Realtor – While this is the only job that might require taking a course or two, it’s really worth the effort! Depending on the area you’re living in, the commissions you can get would definitely create quite a nest egg.
  20. Farmer’s Market Helper – There are many jobs at your local farmer’s market that are waiting for hard-working people. Not will you get to enjoy fruits and vegetables, but you’ll get paid for an activity that is also good for your health!

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