11 Travel Accessories Every Senior Should Have

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Now that we can travel again, after all this time of staying between only four walls, it’s only natural to be excited and looking forward to traveling again.

There’s nothing to stop us from making plans and visit all those places we dreamed of for such a long time. And while we start again with such a cheerful attitude, we thought you might enjoy finding out about some new must-have travel accessories that are practical and useful for seniors.

What we had in mind is that you don’t want to burden your plans and your shoulders with too much to carry, so your vacation can be as enjoyable as possible. Here are 11 travel accessories you might love having  with you when you travel:

  • International Power Adapter –This surely is a life-saving item for travelers. It can charge up to five devices at the same time.
  • Money Belt – This Travel Security Belt looks just like a regular belt, only it has hidden money in it.
  • Compression Socks – These socks are very good in reducing the risk of varicose veins, pain, fatigue, blood clots and can also improve circulation.
  • Silicone Bottles – If you have a special daycare routine that you simply can’t give up to, but you’re traveling in another country and you cannot carry liquids with you, here are those cute travel bottles.
  • Neck Pillow – This item is definitely a must-have not only when you’re traveling, but also in the comfort of your own home. It wraps around to double up under your chin, giving you support for a fantastic sleep.
  • Packing pouches – These practical pouches will help you keep things more organized inside your luggage, backpack, or purse.
  • Earplugs – Earplugs are mandatory(especially for seniors) when you need to sleep while you travel.
  • Luggage lock – You can keep your valuables protected with this luggage lock, and still go through TSA and Custom screenings without any trouble.
  • Luggage scale – The battery of this luggage scale can weigh up to 110 pounds(50kg), with a digital readout that can be used for ounces, pounds, kilograms, and grams.
  • Hanging Toiletry Bag – This item is so convenient because it has multiple compartments you can use to carry everything you need, from a special type of soap to your medication.
  • Waterproof Camera – We honestly think it’s not worth leaving on a vacation without a Waterproof Camera in your bag. You can take photos and videos wherever you want, whenever you want.

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