15 Ways To Battle Loneliness In Retirement

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The biggest fear of any retiree is to be alone and isolated. Unfortunately, more than 8 million adults over 50 are affected by loneliness, according to AARP. Scientists say that prolonged isolation is just as dangerous for the health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

There are many contributors to this status, like poor health or well-being, loss of a role, societal barriers or inequalities, lack of transportation, but also lack of access to services. The older we become, the lesser we can do, so these factors can really stand in the way of happiness for a retiree.

No one wishes for this kind of loneliness, so if you want to make sure this won’t happen to you or your loved ones, check out these things to do in order to avoid being lonely when you retire:

  1. Get a planner – Even though you don’t have to go to the job anymore, doesn’t mean it won’t do you good to keep yourself just as busy. Try finding things to do to fill up your schedule.
  2. Try joining a new club – There are so many interesting things to do nowadays, lucky you have time now! Gardening clubs, collector’s clubs, craft groups, you can find some amazing places to learn new stuff and meet new folks!
  3. Try going to the gym – Meeting new people and keeping yourself healthy? What are you waiting for?
  4. Take classes – There are many communities that are more than happy to welcome you to their learning centers. If you prefer taking online courses, here’s a list we made for you.
  5. Join an exercise class – If you haven’t tried yoga or tai chi, now is the time to start. You can find some low-cost programs that will make these sports available for you.
  6. Move near family – If your family moved away, maybe you should consider joining them as well, so you can be closer to them.
  7. Go on all-inclusive vacations – If you put traveling in your retirement plans, you should consider going on an all-inclusive vacation. Who knows, you might really enjoy it and join the community for even more trips.
  8. Find a hobby – Hobbies are the best way to connect with others that have similar interests. Whether it’s gardening or golf, you should never refuse a chance of learning something new.
  9. Volunteer – Volunteering is a wonderful way of staying active and engaged in the community.
  10. Rest, but not too much – Sleeping is a luxury most of us have deeply dreamed of, but you should make sure it doesn’t transform into lethargy, which can be a sign of depression and feeling isolated.
  11. Adopt a healthy lifestyle – This should be a moment where you find joy in the things you do, eat what you love and is good for you and take care of your body.
  12. Join a senior center – Senior centers can be an interesting place to make new friends. There are many activities and classes, but also affordable day trips to attend to with your new acquaintances.
  13. Go on movie nights – Going on movie nights can be an extremely pleasurable activity, whether you go with your friends, family, or even by yourself.
  14. Get hearing aids – Hearing loss is a very common thing for seniors, but unfortunately, it can also damage the quality of interactions. To avoid retreating and being isolated, get hearing aids.
  15. Get a pet – A pet can be a great source of companionship, and it can also give you a sense of purpose.

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