Not A Member? Here’s 9 Ways You Can Still Shop At Costco

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Having a household to run, no matter the size requires some strategic planning saving and budget-planning for everybody. This could explain the tendency of so many Americans to look for the latest-and-greatest sale and clip coupons, to save more money.

That’s why some might decide to subscribe to a Costco membership, starting at $60 per year, so they can afford to buy in bulk and take advantage of great deals. For the other though, the pricing of certain items isn’t within the scope of their cash flow, or they don’t have a Costco Wholesale at a short distance from their homes.

Even so, they want to benefit when they reach this shopping destination, without being registered as members. Is it possible? The answer is definitely yes, and we gathered some ways through which you can still buy at Costco without being a member, so have a look!

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