Top 11 Medical Alerts Systems

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Medical alert systems have become a popular choice for many older Americans, especially those who live alone or suffer from chronic health conditions. Medical alert systems offer peace of mind and improve safety while aging.

And because it’s no easy game to find a medical alert system that fits your needs and current situation, we thought it might be helpful to do the research for you, so you can easily choose the perfect option.

Some of the best medical alert systems of 2021 include famous names in the industry, like Medical Guardian, Bay Alarm Medical, and MobileHelp. Let’s have a look into the features, costs, services, and FAQs to provide you with everything you need to know.

  • Medical Guardian – This system offers a top-quality service that is highly rated by customers. It has a monitoring center that is TMA Five Diamond Certified, giving you the protection you need and the service you wish for. The Mobile Guardian offers you help on the go with a wearable button and a mobile device that must be 350 feet from the button, in order to function properly. Its newest innovation, The Freedom Guardian, is an advanced smartwatch that has an emergency button to help you receive daily health monitoring and reminder notifications.
  • Bay Alarm Medical – This device is one of the best on the market, because it has such a fair price for its innovative features, that you won’t find with the competition. You can choose between various and reliable in-home and on-the-go devices that can be used via landline or cell signal, its emergency monitoring center being certified with the best quality ratings.
  • MobileHelp – MobileHelp and One Call Alert are two companies under the same umbrella, both providing great products to meet your monitoring needs. The element that sets these two so far away from the competition is customer satisfaction. Both companies receive some of the highest customer reviews in the industry.
  • Medical Alert – Medical Alert provides an excellent emergency alert system. It has an A+ rating given by the Better Business Bureau and excellent customer reviews. The company offers 24/7 emergency monitoring and Home and Mobile systems with a long battery life, but also lifetime equipment warranties. There’s a free mobile app for caregivers, to feel safe and have the peace of mind that their loved one is secure.
  • GetSafe – GetSafe is the only provider that offers voice-activated at-home emergency monitoring, so it won’t require you or your loved one to wear a device. You’ll benefit from voice-activated wall buttons and standard wall buttons for easy access. This is a great option for those who prefer not wearing a device, but you can still use a wearable pendant if you prefer.
  • Aloe Care Health – This app gives caregivers the option of checking in remotely through the care hub with real-time updates. There are three plans you can choose from with Aloe Care: Essentials, Essentials Plus, and Total Care. The first one is a basic at-home system that comes with a help button you can wear on your wrist. If you need at-home but also on-the-go care, you should choose Essentials Plus. Total Care has the same options as Essential Plus, but it also has auto fall detection and two help buttons. The Aloe Care systems use 4G networks, so it doesn’t require WiFi or a landline.
  • LifeStation – What’s amazing about this product is that it combines quality service with strategic partnerships, in order to deliver new features for caregivers that aren’t available with other companies. LifeStation has a strong partnership with Uber Health. They coordinate your loved one’s transportation to and from medical appointments and even remain on the line, to make sure everything goes as planned.
  • LifeFone – LifeFone has been in business for over 30 years. The company offers plenty of options for at-home and on-the-go service, with its customers being highly satisfied. Although the company doesn’t give many details about its monitoring center, we know LifeFone is endorsed by Harvard Medical School, TrustPilot, and the Better Business Bureau.
  • WellBe- HandsFree Health – This at-home and on-the-go system offer an entertainment center and virtual health assistant. It gives you 24/7 medical monitoring, and in addition to that, the WellBe Smart Speaker acts as a virtual health assistant, providing prescription refill reminders, notifications, appointment reminders, medication reminders, and more.
  • QMedic – One of the great features of this device is real-time activity monitoring that tracks sleep and activity patterns. The alert system has a caregiver dashboard incorporated, providing the family and loved ones with device history, movements, wearing compliance, and more.
  • Medical Care Alert – Medical Care Alert offers high-quality services, with fast action and assistance 24/7 from EMT and EMD-certified operators who are well instructed for a medical emergency. The company offers three types of medical alert systems: Home System, Home and Yard System, and Home and Away System

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