Top 10 Countries To Live In If You’re Over 60

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In recent years, life expectancy rates have increased, so the proportion of adults that are about to retire is expected to grow all around the globe. According to recent data, there are 901 million people worldwide that are aged 60 and over. Stats are showing how by 2050, this number will reach 2.1 billion people, 21.5 percent of the global population.

The Global AgeWatch Index recently assessed 96 countries to decide the best places for seniors to live. The rankings were based on how well the countries performed in four categories: seniors health status, income security, capability, and enabling environment. Here is a list of the top 10 countries where seniors would enjoy their retirement in peace.

  1. Switzerland – Switzerland ranked number one as the best country to live in if you’re 60 or older, thanks to the country’s policies and programs that promote older adults’ health and a proper environment.
  2. Norway – Norway is the leader when it comes to capability. Also, it has the highest rate of educational attainment for seniors.
  3. Sweden – Sweden wins on high employment and educational attainment rates. Retirees are also very satisfied with how safety, civic freedom and public transportation are prioritized in this country.
  4. Germany – Germany ranked high in the capability domain, but also in social connectedness and civic freedom.
  5. Canada – The country ranks high in income security, with 97.7 % coverage of retirees pension rates.
  6. Netherlands – 100 % of people over age 65 receive a pension in Netherlands.
  7. Iceland – Iceland has a high ranking thanks to its social connectedness system, safety, public transportation and civic freedom.
  8. Japan – In Japan is the highest number of older people in the world, so the country ranks first in the health domain, but also social connectedness, safety, and civic freedom.
  9. United States – The U.S. is the leader especially when it comes to educational achievement, but also with a high life expectancy and healthy life expectancy.
  10. United Kingdom – The U.K. proudly boasts 100 % pension income coverage for adults over the age of 65.

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