12 Most Affordable U.S. Cities Where You’ll Really Want to Retire

Don’t retire in San Jose, California

If you’ve considered moving to the beautiful California Bay Area to retire in San Jose, your plans might take a serious hit. That’s because there are significant costs you’ll have to cover once you move there, such as the median list price of $929,000 and average annual expenditure of $128,809.20 for the average senior citizen.

Instead, opt for Stockton, California

On the other and, at a 90-minute drive from San Jose, you can find a taste of Old California mixed with the modern events scene in the city of Stockton. The average housing price is $295,000, a third of the price of a home in San Jose. Seniors aged 65 and older spend and average of $59,945.82 a year, less than half of that in the largest city in Northern California.

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Don’t retire in Denver

Some might dream of spending their golden years near the water while for others, retiring somewhere near the mountains is everything they’ve ever hoped for in their later years of life. Unfortunately, if Denver was on your list of possible retirement destinations, you might want to refrain from packing your bags and heading to the “Mile-High City”.

Why? Because the average housing cost in San Francisco is $469,000 while an average senior’s annual expenditures reach $71,340.48.

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Instead, opt for Aurora, Colorado

But why blow away all your retirement savings in Denver when you can live comfortably in Aurora and save money in the process, as well. Located to the east of Denver, Aurora is another option for a retirement in the Rocky Mountains that will not bleed your budget dry.

With a median list price of $359,450 and an average expenditure of $64,404.60 a year, living in Aurora in retirement seems to be much better in terms of finances. Not to mention it is also much safer than in Denver, where the crime rate is 43.88 compared to Aurora’s 36.26.

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