12 Most Affordable U.S. Cities Where You’ll Really Want to Retire

Don’t retire in Riverside, California

As one of the largest cities in Southern California’s inland region and with warm year-round weather, many retirees might find Riverside attractive for their golden years. If only costs would be as nice as the weather! With an average housing price of $432,950 and an average annual expenditure of $72,826.74 for people aged 65 and older, Riverside is anything but affordable for senior citizens.

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Instead, opt for Fresno, California

If your criterium for retirement destinations is the warm, Californian weather, then you’re in luck. You can skip the expensive prices in Riverside and opt for Fresno, instead. Located in California’s central valley, Fresno scored 84 in terms of climate index, several points less than Riverside’s 77 scoring. But the over $150,000 you can save when purchasing your next home or the $20,000 a year in annual expenditure will more than make up for those lost points.

There are also a lot of things for retirees to do in Fresno, from attending sports events on one of the city’s seven stadiums to enjoying the annual Woodward Shakespeare Festival or admiring the Forestiere Underground Gardens, that won’t bleed their budgets dry.

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