12 Most Affordable U.S. Cities Where You’ll Really Want to Retire

Don’t retire in Long Beach, California

Who doesn’t want to spend their golden years sipping Margueritas by the ocean? It’s not a bad dream to have. But living by the Pacific Ocean in Long Beach might mean more than you’ve bargained for, at least when it comes to your retirement budget.

For starters, the average housing price is $580,000, a turn-off for many future retirees and even those who have a higher budget might still find it difficult to shell out $88,680.18 and the average annual expenditures for seniors.

Instead, opt for Corpus Christi, Texas

If it’s a waterfront retirement that has you anxiously awaiting for the day to retire, you might want to consider spending your golden years in Corpus Christi on Texas’ gulf coast. Its median list price just below $200,000, and the $400,000 you could save by not buying a home in Long Beach will help you live a more comfortable retirement.

Not to mention the more affordable average annual expenditure of $44,587.80 a year for someone aged 65 and older.  Still debating? Then check out these Best Places in Every State to Live On a Fixed Income.


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