Best Places in Every State to Live On a Fixed Income

Living on a fixed income during retirement is not easy, especially if the combined amount from your Social Security, savings and inheritance is lower than what you were used to while working. For many seniors this might be what they’ll be facing very soon, so making ends meet is a top priority.

Take 2019, for example, where the average senior american received $1,471 from their Social Security. Most retirees managed to pocket $2,000 per month, while others received as much as $3,770. That’s because everyone’s Social Security is different since it is based on your working history.

But just looking at the smallest numbers means the average American retiree will pocket $17,652 a year. That’s $46,036 less than the median household income in 2019, $63,688. With that in mind, finding the best place to retire could be what makes or breaks your finances.

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of the best place to live in every state. If you wish to move then picking one of these destinations could make your retirement more comfortable on a budget.

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4 thoughts on “Best Places in Every State to Live On a Fixed Income”

  1. What is with the “Median” values? A community could have 10,000 homes sold for $200,000 and if one home went for $100, 000 and another for $1,000,000 the median would be $450,000. Median is the half way value and is only used to mislead. It is not an average.

  2. If the financial situation is dire enough that it is life or death, I suppose that these places would be preferable to death. If that is not the deciding factor, I would rather be dead than live in most of these places.

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