12 Most Affordable U.S. Cities Where You’ll Really Want to Retire

Don’t retire In Naples, Florida

We all know that the Sunshine State is the most popular destination for retirees, like the Mecca of retirement. If you’ve considered spending your golden years somewhere in Florida, it makes sense to include Naples on your list of possible destinations.

However, before you pack your bags and head to this upscale seaside town, perched on the Gulf of Mexico, you should know that you’ll need around $400,000 for a home, according to the median list price. Something else that might ruin your sunny disposition is the fact that Naples’ retired population accounts for a mere 10 percent of the overall population, which makes it kind of difficult to find your peers.

Instead, opt for St. Petersburg, Florida

Since Naples is not everyone’s cup of tea, financially speaking, you can still enjoy retirement on Florida’s west coast but for a fraction of you’d have to pay in Naples. Where? In St. Petersburg. Close to Clearwater Beach, voted the No. 1 beach by TripAdvisor, and with a median housing price of $120,000 less than in Naples, namely $279,000, you can be sure you’ll find a nice, cozy waterfront home to spend your golden years in.

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