12 Best States to Retire in 2021

It’s true that retirement comes with many changes but it also brings numerous perks to the table. For one, you’re no longer tied to your 9 to 5 job and can move anywhere you want, whether to be closer to children and grandchildren, downsize, escape retirement income taxes, benefit from better healthcare options on so on.

Plus, many retirees want to become members of retirement communities, meet new people with the same interests and passions and explore a different lifestyle in a different environment. But just like any other major change in your life, you need to do your research and be properly informed first. You need to consider the main factors that matter to you when it comes to finding a place where you plan on spending the rest of your golden years.

“There’s always weather, there’s always amenities, there’s proximity to things that you might have always aspired to be near whether that be beaches or mountains or desert,” says James Ciprich, a certified financial planner and wealth advisor with RegentAtlantic Capital, “The environment is key. It’s not just taxes.”

That being said, based on Census data, crime rate, wellness, amenities and weather information, among other things, here are the best states to retire in 2021 and live your golden years to the fullest.

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