18 Surprisingly Affordable Retirement Destinations You’ve Never Considered Before

Wilmington, Vermont

The serene state of Vermont has a hidden gem for retirees known by the name of Wilmington. This New England small-town has numerous restaurants for seniors to spend their evenings, historic buildings, fashion boutiques and scenic places to enjoy outdoor activities.

The housing costs are lower than the state average, which is definitely a good reason to move to Wilmington for retirement, although some might be scared away by the not-so-friendly taxes.

Kahului, Hawaii

If the retirement of your dreams included the sea, sun and beach, then you’re going to like Kahului, Hawaii. With plenty of outdoor activities to do in this scenic wonderland, including golfing and hiking, but also lots of coffee shops, restaurants and shopping venues that give a modern feel, retirement life in this Hawaiian paradise will not be boring.

Housing costs are a bit pricier (it is Hawaii after all) but not completely unaffordable. Goods and groceries might also cost more but there’s no tax on retirement income such as Social Security and public pensions, so you get to save some money in this category. Not to mention the savings and benefits for your health and wellness by living in a place with a temperate climate all year round.

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1 thought on “18 Surprisingly Affordable Retirement Destinations You’ve Never Considered Before”

  1. Not Kahului, Hawaii!! Average home prices over 1 million. Surely you guys are not serious. Cost more than 30% to live there than anywhere else in US. Infrastructure can not handle the locals and tourist at the same time. Most beaches are crowded and traffic is the pits. Do your homework and spend some time there before you send seniors there.

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