18 Surprisingly Affordable Retirement Destinations You’ve Never Considered Before

Gardnerville, Nevada

Nevada is a tax-friendly state for retirees, which makes Gardnerville a very good place to spend your retirement years. Apart from having a very low tax burden, Gardnerville also has the highest number of retirement communities in the state and numerous recreation centers for the elder population.

It offers great access to quality medical attention and medical centers. It’s true that housing costs exceed the state’s average but the town’s amenities and laid-back vibe more than compensate for the pricier real estate options.

Delaware, Ohio

Located 20 miles from Columbus, Ohio’s capital city, this charming college town offers plenty of outdoor options including boating, hiking, and water skiing to choose from. The Alum Creek Lake, Delaware Lake and the largest inland beach in all Ohio, give you endless opportunities to enjoy a day out in the middle of nature or have fun by the water.

If you’re more into city life, you have plenty of choices: breweries, restaurants and shops waiting for you to discover them.

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  1. Not Kahului, Hawaii!! Average home prices over 1 million. Surely you guys are not serious. Cost more than 30% to live there than anywhere else in US. Infrastructure can not handle the locals and tourist at the same time. Most beaches are crowded and traffic is the pits. Do your homework and spend some time there before you send seniors there.

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