18 Surprisingly Affordable Retirement Destinations You’ve Never Considered Before

Traverse City, Michigan

If seasonal winters don’t scare you, then Traverse City might be just the place for your golden years. Packed with restaurants and places where you can enjoy fine art and music in the historic downtown, Traverse City is also a top destination when it comes to outdoor activities like golf, skiing, hiking and water activities on Lake Michigan.

To top things off, there are numerous affordable housing options in Traverse, the state of Michigan does not levy any tax on Social Security and retirees can benefit from several tax deductions on their retirement income.

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Hot Springs, Arkansas

With an affordable cost of living and a wide variety of amenities to fit every lifestyle, Hot Springs should definitely be on your “best places to retire” list. With access to the finest health care facilities and numerous medical benefits but also a cosmopolitan vibe given by the diverse restaurants and thriving art scene, Hot Springs is a very retirement-friendly place.

Retirees who are into outdoor activities can enjoy golfing at one of the eleven championship golf courses, camping, hiking and biking, and water sports on the beautiful lakes nearby.

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  1. Not Kahului, Hawaii!! Average home prices over 1 million. Surely you guys are not serious. Cost more than 30% to live there than anywhere else in US. Infrastructure can not handle the locals and tourist at the same time. Most beaches are crowded and traffic is the pits. Do your homework and spend some time there before you send seniors there.

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