18 Surprisingly Affordable Retirement Destinations You’ve Never Considered Before

Hamilton, Ohio

Budget-friendly and with an active retirement community, Hamilton is a pleasant town to be spending your golden years. Located along the Great Miami River and close to Cincinnati and the airport, Hamilton boasts a very vibrant art scene, being famous public sculpture works such as the internationally recognized Pyramid Hill.

Downtown Hamilton has a more city feel, with lots of restaurants, shopping venues and fashion boutiques, microbreweries, outdoor theaters, as well as hiking and biking trails for the more outdoorsy type.

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  1. Not Kahului, Hawaii!! Average home prices over 1 million. Surely you guys are not serious. Cost more than 30% to live there than anywhere else in US. Infrastructure can not handle the locals and tourist at the same time. Most beaches are crowded and traffic is the pits. Do your homework and spend some time there before you send seniors there.

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