Most Important Financial Benefits For Retirees Offered By Each State

Perks for golden years

We might not like the fact that we’re aging, but it’s an inevitable process. However, instead of feeling sorry for our lost youth, we should take maximum advantage of the perks and benefits that come along with turning gray-haired.

Some of these perks can be more than welcomed and quite beneficial to your finances, especially when living on a fixed income in retirement. From discounts at supermarkets, drugstores, restaurant chains, and retail outlets to free or reduced fares for transit services, state park access and so on, all states give their seniors the chance to spend as little as possible on taxes, transportation, and recreational activities and enjoy their golden years as they truly deserve.

Let’s have a look at what unique opportunities your state has to offer!


– There’s no state income tax on Social Security or payments from defined-benefit plans

– Residents aged 60 and older get tuition waivers at all community colleges

– Discounts for city bus fares in Montgomery and Birmingham

– Residents aged 65 and older don’t need a hunting or fishing license

– Lower yearly passes to state parks for residents aged 62 and older

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