Most Important Financial Benefits For Retirees Offered By Each State


– There’s no state income tax

– There’s no estate tax

– Free for-credit courses at any state undergraduate or graduate institution, within a limit of six credit hours per semester for residents aged 65 and older

– Reduced fares for public transit throughout the state depending on eligibility age

– Reduced state park fees for residents aged 65 and older

– $7 hunting licenses for residents aged 65 and over; $32 for mixed hunting/fishing/saltwater fishing/archery licenses


– Tax credit for a portion of the Social Security benefits subject to tax; $450 retirement credit for retirees aged 65 and over

– Tuition exemptions for enrollment at state institutions of higher education for seniors aged 62 and older

– 50 percent discount for most public transportation for 65 and older

– Reduced fees for hunting and fishing licenses for residents 65 and older

– Discounted price for state parks for residents aged 62 and over


– 50% off for up to two classes per semester at any Vermont state school for residents aged 60 and older

– No fee for hunting and fishing licenses for residents 70 and older

– $2 Green Mountain Passport for lifetime free pass to state parks for residents 62 and over

– Discounts on some Green Mountain Transit commuter routes for residents 60 and over

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