Are You a Baby Boomer? Here’s How You Can Catch up on Retirement Savings

If you were to picture a retirement preparedness scale, where would you land on it?

Towards the middle, where you have some savings but you’re not satisfied, so you keep on saving? Towards the bottom half where your savings are low and you either can’t or won’t save anymore? Or are you towards the very top and you’re confident that your retirement will be one to remember?

And now try to picture where your peers are at on that same scale. Did you know that according to a study, one third of adults over the age of 55 only have $10,000 saved for retirement? 40% have less than $50,000, so, we ask you again: where are you on that scale?

Chances are, you could be saving a lot more money for your retirement than you currently are. This is the time of your life where you’ll have all the free time in the world but limited resources. By not saving now and relying on just Social Security, you’re doing your future self a disservice.

So, let’s look at 10 things you can start doing now in order to catch up on retirement savings!

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