Most Important Financial Benefits For Retirees Offered By Each State


– There’s no state income tax

– There’s no state sales tax

– homeowners aged 65 and over receive municipal exemptions for the first $150,000 in property value

– Most towns don’t levy sales tax on electricity, water, sewer, or food

– Residents aged 60 and older are allowed to go hunting, sport fishing, or trapping for free and don’t need stamp for waterfowl hunting or king salmon fishing

– Exemption from fees and taxes for car registration

– Tuition exemptions at University of Alaska locations; reduced price for lifelong learning program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks

– Reduced fares for all intra-Alaska ferry sailings


– Social Security income is not taxed

– There’s no estate tax

– Residents aged 65 and older receive a 50% tuition waiver at Maricopa Community Colleges

– Low public transit fares in Yuma County, Tucson, and Phoenix; low fares on shuttles, taxis, or Dial-a-Ride in certain regions.


– Social Security benefits or the first $6,000 of retirement income are not taxed

– Tuition fee waivers at public colleges and universities for residents 60 and older

– Low-cost rides for people who cannot drive, including individuals in wheelchairs

– Residents aged 65 and older get significant discounts ($10.50) for lifetime hunting and fishing licenses

– Up to 50% discounts for camping and facility fees at state parks

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