Avoid Using These Passwords At All Costs

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If you’re an up-to-date retiree who deals with most of her/his transactions and manages accounts online, you’re obviously familiar with the concept of password.

While many people focus on inventing a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols easy to remember, the emphasis should be on making the password stronger and harder to crack.

Even so, our knowledge needs to constantly expand: to stay safe online, on your phone, or on other devices, you need to learn some secrets that hackers don’t want you to know.

We made a list of common combinations of passwords people came up with, leaving themselves wide open to hackers, so you might want to try something else for your accounts.

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1 thought on “Avoid Using These Passwords At All Costs”

  1. This was very good info. It drives me crazy when a co. Deny a password & I have to start over! I use a Rolodex for passwords. Now I am having trouble finding new cards!

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