25 Changes to Your 401(K) Plan That Can Save Your Retirement

Increase Your Company Match

Free money for your retirement? Yes, please!

Your employer will match certain percentages of your contribution, depositing these in your account on your behalf. But, shockingly, not all companies do this. It’s important for you to talk to your employer about this. Though it’ll cost them more money, they’ll also get a nice tax write-off.

The plan will also become more competitive, meaning that even when unemployment rates are incredibly low, your company could attract more people to apply- and not just anyone, but typically high-quality talent!

Make sure to outline the benefits of your company paying a little extra for matching contributions when you bring it up with your employer. In our experience, this might also light a fire under their behinds! They’ll know you’re potentially looking for better benefits, and if they want to keep you on board, they better provide a good incentive!

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