25 Changes to Your 401(K) Plan That Can Save Your Retirement

Avoid High-Cost Investments

The provider your employer chooses is out of your hands, sadly. But you do have control over your investments. Some of these are more expensive, some ar less expensive, as with regular investment accounts.

That’s why it’s up to you to go with the most inexpensive fund, for example when comparing the expense ratios of any ETFs or mutual funds. Today, these expenses may not seem like much. But years down the line you’ll realize just how much money you will have spent on them. And if you do the math? It might shock you.

All things considered and equal, going for the least expensive alternative could save you a pretty penny.

Now it’s time to talk about improvements your employer can make! Why? Even though you don’t actually have a say in these improvements, suggesting them could ot only benefit you but the entire company!

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