9 Ways to Manage Your Time Like a Pro During Retirement

List 100 Things You’d Like to Do

The idea of creating a bucket list for retirement has been circulating for a while now. And we can see why, it’s definitely a good way to put your wants and needs into perspective instead of simply considering them as farfetched dreams that you may or may not accomplish.

Actually listing the things that are important to you and that you want to experience during the final stage of your life could give you the necessary energy to actually get up and do them.

During your golden years, you may pick up some ugly habits such as wasting most of your time indoors, in front of the TV, on social media, and overall not partaking in activities you love. Try to curb this by writing down what you want to do such as travel more often, spend more time with family, pick up a new hobby, learn something new, etc.

Pacing Yourself is a Time Management Skill

Now, this is where our first two points meet. Once you’ve got your list, whether or not you managed to list 100 things or more, it’s time to figure out how to tackle them. Again, don’t try to overwhelm yourself and multitask, but try not to space them too far apart either.

Tackle one item once every two weeks. Bigger items on the list can be tackled every month, depending on what they involve, such as a big travel plan. The more time you spend doing the things you love the less time you’ll waste. You’ll want to get to the next thing on your list, but just remember not to overexert yourself!

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