17 Things to Do for a Healthy Retirement

Supersavers are people who often sacrifice early purchases and dream items in favour of meeting long term saving goals for their retirement. If you’re looking forward to a comfortable nest egg, then these are the people you should be looking up to and emulating.

Certainly, there are things we can all learn from their tactics, and incorporating their tips into our own daily lives will bring us closer to our goals.

But why start saving now? Shouldn’t you have a life of luxury for a few more years? The answer is a resounding ‘no’, especially if you’re asking the right financial advisors and supersavers. That’s because of the time value of money, meaning that the dollars of today will be worth a lot more in the future.

Your retirement is based on your past actions and behaviour, and during that time you’ll have nobody else to rely on but yourself. You’ll be in a vulnerable position, but your actions today will offset some of that vulnerability.

Now let’s look at what being a supersaver means and how you too could be a part of this elite group of seniors!

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