15 Best Retirement Cities With the Most Seniors

For the percentage of seniors who wish to move during retirement, the community is a huge factor in their decision-making process. That’s because some feel it’s important to settle down in a city or neighbourhood bustling with people their own age.

But figuring out the best place for your nest egg from this perspective might be more than a little difficult. That’s because right now seniors make up just 16% of the overall population. Our numbers will nearly double to 98 million by 2060, but 2060 is a long way away and your retirement is just around the corner.

That’s where the AAPR comes in handy. They conducted a study based on data from the Census Bureau in order to identify the densest senior communities in the U.S. Can you guess a few of these retirement destinations?

Here’s a list from the lowest density location to the highest- see if you can figure out who made it to the number one spot.

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