15 Best Retirement Cities With the Most Seniors

Prineville, Oregon

Much like other senior communities on the list, Prineville is a fantastic place for older folk who want to stay active and prove that age is just a number. Take your pick between hiking, fishing and boating, but if you’re not in the mood for any of those options there’s always year-round golfing you can count on.

23,122 people live in Prineville, with 30.5% of them being 65 or older. We can’t say we’re surprised since the cost of living here is 7% lower than the national average. Housing, however, would set you back $222,700! But isn’t that a small price to pay for being surrounded by a like-minded community?

By the way, there’s another Oregon community further on the list, so click through and see if you can guess which one we’re talking about!

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