15 Best Deals for Seniors Only at Costco Stores

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You probably don’t remember having chickenpox when you were younger, but if you know you did, then you’re likely aware of the new vaccines recommendation. Baby boomers are encouraged to get the new shingles shot. The two-shot Shingrix vaccine, for example, has been on the news lately because of its effectiveness.

Why not head on over to a Costco pharmacy for your vaccine? If you’re paying out of pocket you’ll be surprised at how much cheaper this option is compared to CVS or Walgreens. Even Consumer Reports found that Costco is more cost-effective than these drugstores.

Just don’t plan this trip for a Sunday without checking the Costco pharmacy’s timetable online, as some of them might be closed.

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Did you know that seniors spend up to 73% more time on reading than the average American? Are you planning on being part of this statistic? We don’t blame you. A lot of retirees now have time to go through their reading lists.

But reading isn’t a cheap hobby- unless you rely solely on your local library for your books. If you shop at Costco, however, you’ll notice that buying books isn’t really all that costly. We’ll give you a few examples.

A hardcover copy of “The President is Missing,” by former President Bill Clinton and James Patterson, a best selling author, will cost you $16.99 at Costco, $21 at Target and $17.99 on Amazon.

Want to read “Lincoln’s Last Trial,” by Dan Abrams and David Fisher? Why pay $16.19 on Amazon when you could pay $14.99 at Costco?

Plus, you don’t have to wait for a delivery, you can just pick whichever book you want from the shelf, which we think is a magical part of the reading process too!

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Hearing Aids

Sadly, Medicare doesn’t cover hearing aids, and a lot of seniors are worried about affording a pair. How could they not, when they can cost as much as $3,000? Worse, these prices make a lot of baby boomers regret concerts, listening to music on their headphones or turning the TV up in their youth. But instead of focusing on this grief, why not head on over to Costco?

You can get a free hearing test at a Costco Hearing Aid Center. Then, you can check out in-store hearing aids from four major suppliers or check out the Kirkland Signature 8.0 Premium Digital Hearing Instruments Kit that costs as little as $1,600. They come in 10 different colors, too!

Don’t order hearing aid batteries online, though. A package of 60 on Amazon costs $15.30 but 48 Kirkland Signature hearing aid batteries cost $8.49.

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