15 Best Deals for Seniors Only at Costco Stores

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Every retailer has deals on eyeglasses or contacts, but it’s difficult to top Costco’s offer! Not only can you get an eye exam from a licensed optometrist in between buying detergent and food, but you can also purchase a second pair of glasses for just $30 after paying full price on your first pair.

I’ve found it’s virtually impossible to miss this particular offer since it cycles back in quite often.

And if you think buying your frames or contacts online is less time consuming, think again. No matter how much online retailers try, they simply can’t ensure that you’ll get the right fit 100% of the time. That’s exactly why shopping at Costco is convenient.

Looking for a pair of Foster Grant reading glasses? You’re in luck. Costco sells them in packages of three for less than $20. Kirkland Signature polarized and anti-reflective sunglasses, without prescription, will cost you just under $25!

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Golf Balls and Tennis Balls

Remember when Kirkland Signature golf balls first hit Costco shelves in 2016? They sold out nationwide, and consumers have been begging for more ever since. That’s partly because of the competitive pricing on them, but also because they were compared to Titleist Pro V1.

Not interested in golf? No matter! You can take up tennis instead, and with these prices, why wouldn’t you? A case of 60 Penn Championship Extra Duty tennis balls (20 cans) will cost you $38.99- that’s 65 cents per ball. How do other retailers compare?

At Target, 4 cans of these balls will cost you $8.69, meaning you’ll be paying 74 per ball. Walmart sells 6-can packs for $21.99, which comes down to $1.22 per ball. If you think you can find a better deal at Dick’s Sporting Goods, think again. Here, a case of 36 balls will cost you $24.99, 69 cents per ball.

Will you become a better player with the help of these balls? We can’t say for sure. But we do promise you’ll save money by buying them from Costco!

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Coffins and Urns

Even just thinking about buying a casket and an urn is difficult and we don’t blame you for ignoring this topic for as long as possible. But we think it’s worth considering. Not only that but exorbitant prices might also impact our view of funerals, so the fact that there are more affordable prices on the market might soften the blow of losing a loved one.

Financial strain due to funeral costs is a real thing, this is why we think shopping at Costco might make things easier.

Thanks to the Federal Trade Commission, funeral homes aren’t allowed to turn anyone back for bringing caskets from an outside source. If you shop at Costco you could pay anywhere between $900 to $1,350.

If you opt for standard or expedited shipping, your shipping and billing address must be in one of 38 states that are approved for casket sales (including the District of Columbia). You can also find urns from $90 to $150.

Need an urn for your late furry friend? The Near & Dear Pet Memorials Classic Paws urns cost as little as $40 at Costco.

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