10 Common Myths That Might Be Killing Your Early Retirement Plans

You will become depressed

Another common myth many people believe is that in retirement, no matter if it’s early or late, you will get depressed. While some retirees might find themselves at a loss with what to do with their time and some might even show symptoms of clinical depression, the truth is early retirement can be as fun as you make it to be.

If you consider it the perfect time to write new pages in the story of your life, you’ll most likely not have the time to become depressed. On the other hand, if your only plan is to sit around all day, with no interaction or activities to keep you active and motivated, it’s possible to become a little bit depressed. But you don’t have t be retired to experience depression. It can happen in daily life just as much as in retirement. The escape is to have a plan for the future, follow your dreams and do what makes you happy.

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