10 Common Myths That Might Be Killing Your Early Retirement Plans

You will be short on funds

How many times have you heard someone saying that early retirement is a sure road to running out of money when you’ll need it the most. It’s one of the greatest myths of early retirement.

Fortunately, that’s all this is, because, in real life, no one in their right mind will ever take the decision of retiring in their 30s or 40s without having saved enough money to last them well through their middle age period and beyond. The idea is to plan and save for retirement first and then retire, not the other way around.

Planning is important regardless of the age you are thinking of leaving the workforce. Whether you’re opting for early retirement or waiting until you reach your full retirement age, you’ll still need to have a plan in terms of your income, expenses, investments and so, to make sure the money will last through any retirement.

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