Working During Retirement? 11 Smart Tips for Seniors!

Networking and Freelancing

So maybe none of these options are working out for you so far. Luckily, there are still some things you can do in order to continue working. First of all, try networking. After decades of working in a specific field, you’ve probably made a name for yourself.

Reach out to old business partners and clients as who you know may be just as important as who you know. If these people were satisfied with your work, they may offer you more opportunities.

Finally, freelancing is a viable option even when you’re older. You can pick your own clients and projects all while being in almost complete control of your schedule- save for deadlines that you have to meet, of course!

Don’t be afraid to become self-employed!

To Delay Retirement, Find Meaning in Your Work

In case you’re still on the fence about leaving your current job despite not being 100% satisfied with it, listen to the advice of the people before you. 75% of working seniors recommended being open to trying something new even if it means earning less, according to a 2012 study by Merrill Lynch and Age Wave.

Even with a smaller paycheck, you may finally get the chance of working in a field you’ve always dreamed of. Pursuing a purpose instead of a paycheck will make your golden years so much happier.

Look for ways of implementing the skills you’ve gained over the years into a new job. By the time they reach 65, a lot of seniors think about giving back. No matter where you used to work, you could shift your attention towards a nonprofit organization, for example.

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