9 Easy Ways to Gradually Transition into Retirement


One of the reasons people chose to retire is because they feel exhausted and extremely stressed out. A sabbatical can help you recharge your batteries. Certain employers offer their long-term employees the possibility to take a sabbatical year to explore other areas of interest. After an entire year of exploring new things, you will return fully invigorated, energized and more than prepared to handle future projects.

Mini retirement

What’s that, you ask? Well, instead of waiting for the end of your career to go on holiday and enjoy some leisure time, you could try taking longer vacations at regular intervals throughout your working life. Let’s say you want to take a two-month break every two years or a three-month break every three years. With such breaks from time to time, you will no longer count the days to your retirement so eagerly or you might not feel the need to retire earlier because of job burnout.

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