9 Easy Ways to Gradually Transition into Retirement

Part-time retirement

Having a part-time job helps you boost your income and prevents you from making large withdrawals from your retirement savings. More than that, a part-time job can bring you lots of social benefits, keep you mentally and physically active and engaged.

Continuing the interaction with coworkers and customers can prevent you from feeling lonely and isolated, something many retirees feel once they leave the workforce.

Seasonal work

Being a retiree allows you to mix work with pleasure. That’s because you can divide your newfound freedom between working and having fun.

First of all, you don’t need to work for a whole year. If you want, you could simply start a retail job just to pay for extra gifts for your grandchildren or, maybe, work at a ski resort in the winter or a holiday resort in the summer and spend the rest of your year exploring new old or new hobbies and interests. If you are a retired accountant, tax season might be the best period for you to resume your work because many companies require specific help during that time instead of taking on a commitment for the entire year.

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