15 Tips to Avoid Being Scammed When Shopping Online

Fake Websites or Domains

When you are shopping online you should keep in mind that not all retailers are legitimate and you can easily stumble upon a fake website. Placing an order on these kinds of websites might result in you receiving a knockoff product, nothing at all or something completely different from what you ordered.

If you don’t want for this to happen, you can pay more attention to the domain name in order to spot a fake website. In general, you should expect that legitimate websites addresses do not contain misspellings or unrelated characters, but instead they should have a simple form that matches their trademark name. For example, the domain name for the Italian luxury fashion company Versace is Versace.com, just as the domain name for the Austrian producer of glass and jewelry Swarovski is Swarovski.com.

Another way to recognize a fake website is by checking if it has a universal seal of approval, such as the Norton Secured Seal. According to Consumer Reports, this kind of seal renders the website as trustworthy. Also, you have the option to check when the domain was created just by using the webpage Whois.net.

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