Should the Rich Fix Our Social Security?

During retirement, one source of income that a lot of seniors depend on is Social Security. Financial advisors often remark on the fact that we should consider ways of supplementing our retirement funds through IRAs, 401(k)s, pensions or other forms of savings.

That is because estimates show that Social Security alone is not enough to cover the cost of living and health care costs as well as any other expenses people might have. So, while the program has been thought out to offer some sort of financial stability to what is considered a vulnerable part of the population, this does not mean it is without flaws. In fact, seniors, financial advisors, and politicians alike have ample reasons to consider making changes to Social Security.

The reason for this is an understandably concerning estimate. By the year 2035, Social Security’s $2.9 trillion reserve fund is expected to be depleted. This raises serious questions for those who plan on entering retirement during or after this time. This is because benefits will exceed the amount of money paid into the fund by the year 2020. Due to the nature of the program, which consists of public funding, many Americans are left wondering what steps the government will take in order to ensure that this portion of their retirement savings will not be severely affected.

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