11 States With the Best/Worst Social Security Checks in 2022

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  • Kentucky – Last year, the 635,809 Kentucky citizens that were relying on Social Security received $1,486.85 per month, which is an overall $17,842.22 for the entire year. Retirees will now benefit from an increase because in 2022 they’ll receive $18,894.92.
  • Alaska – According to officials, nearly 79,077 seniors in Alaska are living on Social Security, and up until this year, they received an annual benefit of $18,047.46. From 2022, the annual average benefit will increase to $19,112.26. If you’re currently living there and you want to find out how to save more money for your retirement, consider shrinking the cost of your homeowner’s insurance. Start by comparing multiple insurers to see if you can switch.
  • Texas –  In Texas there are currently 3.06 million retirees that are drawing Social Security benefits. In 2021, these seniors received $18,409.55 a year. But starting with 2022, the average annual benefit will increase to $19,495.71.
  • Idaho – In Idaho, things will get even better. While 272,396 retirees received $18,434.91 for the full year, in 2022 the benefits will increase to $19,522.57. There are also some U.S. seniors who are lucky to receive employer-based pensions, which can provide additional income for their retirement years.
  • Missouri – In Missouri there are nearly 919,164 retirees now that are collecting Social Security payments. Even though Missouri is among the 13 states that tax Social Security benefits, seniors should expect to receive $1,627.96 per month in 2022.
  • Tennessee – The Social Security Administration declared that there are 1.02 million retirees that are currently receiving Social Security benefits in Tennessee. While last year they received $18,608.81 on an annual basis, this year the average annual benefit will increase to $19,706.73.


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