11 States With the Best/Worst Social Security Checks in 2022

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  • Mississippi – Social Security officials stated that 439,690 retirees from Mississippi are currently receiving benefits. We figured that there was an average of $1,457.55 per month last year, which is $17,490.63 for the year, and this year it will grow to $18,522.58. About 1 in 5 senior couples and nearly half of unmarried seniors rely on the Social Security benefits for at least 90% of their income, according to Social Security Administration.
  • Maine – According to Social Security, nearly 251,087 retired workers are currently collecting benefits. While last year Maine’s retired citizens received $17,711.50, this year the average annual benefit will increase to $18,756.48. Stats are showing that 90% of Americans that are 65 or older are currently receiving Social Security benefits. While some choose to wait until 70, which is the maximum age when you can receive the benefit.
  • New Mexico – New Mexico is an interesting example, given the fact it’s one of the 13 states that tax Social Security. According to AARP, 318,663 retirees are currently receiving benefits. While last year the average annual benefit was $17,729.72, in 2022, it will be raised to $18,775.78. If you want to stretch your income and savings as much as you can, you should consider signing up with a financial planning service. You could talk about goals, priorities, and strategies you didn’t know about!
  • Arkansas – In Arkansas, there are 460,240 seniors that are currently relying on Social Security. In 2021, they collected on average $1,478.73, which is $17,744.76 a year. This year, the number will grow to $18,791.71.
  • Montana – According to the Social Security Administration, there are 184,587 retirees that are currently beneficiaries in Montana. While last year they received $17,833.17, this year the average annual benefit will increase to $18,885.33.
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