3 Ways To Retire a Millionaire

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How much do you need to invest? 

Maybe you’re not looking to become a multimillionaire, but you DO want to live comfortably in your golden years. Are you wondering how much you need in order to achieve that? It depends on three things: how much you’re gonna save, how long you save, and how much you can earn out of your investments.

As I said earlier, the more time you have, the better for you. If you start early, you can become a millionaire with relatively small annual outlays. If you want to get rich faster, you’ll need to invest more in order to make that goal a reality. There is some good news as well.

If you have the investing discipline, a solid index fund, and time, you can become a millionaire, no matter your level of knowledge on the stock market. In fact, if you follow this plan, it will be difficult NOT to become a millionaire!

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