3 Ways To Retire a Millionaire

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  • Invest in broadly diversified index funds – Broadly diversified index funds are the words you need to learn by heart because they can be the vehicle for the ride you wish for: retiring as a millionaire. If you don’t know much about investing and have no desire to learn, you can still be a successful investor. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. How come? Well, you have the power of index funds. Index funds are a collection of assets, stock, and bonds, that are essentially based on a pre-set grouping of investments. When it comes to index funds, you need to look for a couple of things. First, they need to be broadly diversified, because this kind of fund covers a wide variety of industries. Second, your index fund needs to be invested in stocks. They have the potential of offering long-term gains. Also, they need to be low cost. Because they are the cheapest funds in the market, you’ll be able to find one with an expense ratio below 0.5 percent.
  • Invest now, get rich later – I can’t emphasize enough the importance of starting it now, but I think this is enough to convince you: Time is your biggest ally. Time will give your money the ability to compound.
  • Stick to the plan, no matter the economy – The third step is the hardest because you’re going to do everything to be able to avoid losing money. Ironically, this attitude will make you lose money. When it comes to investing, YOU ARE your worst enemy, so you need to learn how to fight your own psychological responses. You’ll sell to try to avoid a loss, and that is wrong because the market shouldn’t scare you. You’ll buy back into the market when you think it’s “safe”, but you’ll miss the early gains you could have gotten on the rebound of a market crash. Then, you’ll pay too much attention to your portfolio. Yes, it’s comforting to look at a pile of money and think you’ve got it all covered. But it will make you emotionally wrapped up in every gain or loss, and it will make you go back to all the bullet points listed above. And they’re all wrong.
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