12 Biggest Retirement Regrets According To Seniors

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Planning to work for the rest of your life

Although it’s a beautiful and noble idea to keep on working even after you retire, the reality might be a bit different. It is true that nowadays people don’t consider as much to stop working at all after they retire, whether they want to maximize their Social Security checks as much as possible or just to lift their spirits.

But the truth is, after a certain age you can’t expect to have the same productivity as you once did. It mostly resumes to health problems: yours or your loved ones. Another reason you might not be able to work as much is that the technology and the times advance, and no one’s waiting for you.

No matter how hard-working you might be, there might be people to consider it’s time for you to retire. It’s a paradox, but it’s for the best to assume the worst and make a realistic decision when it comes to retirement.

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