12 Biggest Retirement Regrets According To Seniors

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Not knowing what to do with your free time

When you suddenly find yourself with a lot of free time in your hands, it might be really difficult to know what to do with it.

For so many years you had a strict program that implied going to work from 9-5 and managing the house chores in a few hours or in the weekends, and after you retire things might change a lot.

It’s critically important to plan this new chapter in your life as well as your financials, studies say. Whether it’s a new course that you could start doing or a part-time job in a new area that you were always interested in, it’s important you fill this time gap with some interesting activities.

There are retirees that now regret not investing enough though in this topic, because they believed they’d enjoy having some free time on their hands, but ended up getting bored quite easily.

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