28 Ways to Make Early Retirement Work for You

Make Savings Automated

Making your savings automated is a great way to make sure you’re on track. You can’t fall back on any excuses if you do, which will also push you towards staying within your budget. If you ‘forget’ to set aside money this month, you might ‘forget’ to do it the next month, and so on and so forth. But, by automating your payments, you’ll push yourself into healthier financial habits.

It’ll also help you rethink what your savings actually are. For most people, they’re just ‘leftovers’. But if we say that your savings will be your lifeline during retirement, they don’t look like leftovers anymore, right?

Studies have also shown that this method is proven to work. By eliminating the hassle of making sure you don’t go over your budget, you’re allowing yourself room to breathe and enjoy other aspects of life.

Ask your bank or your human resource department for help.

Shift Payments to Savings Once a Bill Is Gone

The relief you feel when you pay off a bill is unparalleled. Hold on to that feeling for a little bit longer, especially if you just paid off a credit card or a car. Don’t spend the extra money that’s now at your disposal on frivolous things- unless you absolutely need it (again, separate needs from wants).

Instead, reroute it towards your savings and investments. Much like with our earlier example with raises and bonuses, if you can’t set it all aside then figure out the percentage you can save.

If we’re talking about a hundred dollars every month, that hundred dollars could meal a lot more to you during retirement than you might realize!

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