Do You Want to Retire Early? Then These 10 Jobs Are the Way to Go!

In America, the traditional retirement age is 65. Some seniors retire way earlier while others chose to stay in the workforce for longer. In some cases, this is a must in order for them to finish saving up for years of retirement. In other cases, individuals may not need to retire if they’re in good health and they love their jobs.

We’ve also seen an increase in people who want to retire early, but doing so means you’d have to prepare years in advance, saving as much as you can early so that all your money would last throughout your golden years. This, however, is simply not feasible for a lot of people.

Stagnant wages combined with a longer life expectancy cause a lot of seniors to have to work longer. Jobs that offer pensions are also on the decline. It is estimated that if you want to retire before the age of 65, you’d need $1 million in savings.

There are, however, some jobs that may make this dream come true. By comparing their average retirement age, average salary, average employer 401(k) contributions, and other factors, today we’re going to showcase 10 jobs that make it easy to retire by the age of 62!

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