10 Do’s and Don’ts You Have to Consider Before Moving During Retirement

Don’t Base Your Decision on a Vacation

Have you fallen in love with a city during your last vacation? Watch out, trying to move there permanently could be a retirement pitfall. Remember, when you’re vacationing anywhere you’re only getting a small picture of a city. If you want to live there for the rest of your days you will need to get accustomed to new social norms, politics, climate and start accepting local taxes.

Plus, moving to a popular vacation spot might be more pricey than you think. Costs for food and entertainment would skyrocket. Another thing to consider is the fact that things may look different during the off-season and you might find it boring after the first few weeks of ‘peace and quiet’ before the hustle and bustle returns.

Stick to what we said previously. A year-long trial run will help you see the whole picture.

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