Will You Work During Retirement? 10 Shocking Retirement Stats!

Most seniors vividly dream about how they’re going to spend their time during retirement. Will they spend more time with family? What about traveling around the world? Some might plan on picking up long-lost hobbies or trying out something new altogether.

But, more often than not, what we dream of doesn’t always correlate with reality. Plenty of studies and stats have found that more and more retirees need more out of their retirements.

The newest trend? Working during retirement. It’s easy to downplay these sort of things, especially if you’re currently working a 9 to 5 and can’t wait to have more free time on your hands!

Today we want to look at all these stats. We hope that, together, we might make understanding what your retirement will look like a little bit easier. Click though to find out what you could expect!

Working retirement plans

Did you know that, when asked, 65% of baby boomers claim they plan to retire very late in life? A significant number also said that they don’t want to retire at all according to a 2014 survey.

The same study found that 26% of people born between 1946 and 1964 have a back-up plan, while 14% are constantly scouring the job market for new opportunities. After all, that post-retirement job won’t find itself!

Therefore it’s unsurprising that people haven’t changed their views in 2019 either. According to a different survey, 27% of people say they want to at least work part-time during retirement. Another 19% of seniors who were already retired even said they had part-time jobs.

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