The Worst 5 States for Seniors to Be Healthy

Gone are the days when going to the gym, staying active, and trying out healthy diets were just part of the norm, right? Wrong! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be our number one priority regardless of age. Seniors, especially, have to stay active and stay away from harmful foods or habits as the older we get the more likely we are for things to go sideways!

Different retirees in different states have different ideas of what it means to be healthy. In some cases, local and state governments don’t actively encourage them to work out and eat nutritious foods while giving up smoking or alcohol, either.

Keep in mind, adults over the age of 65 represent more than 15% of the total population in the U.S. while in 2020 that figure is likely to jump up to 20%.

We’ve already covered the best states for retirees in terms of health and healthcare, but today it’s time to take a peek at the worst states for seniors in America.

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