The States With the Best (and Worst) Social Security Checks

40. Nevada

In the Silver State, you might feel compelled to gamble your Social Security away in order to make it big and set yourself up for the rest of your life. How many of us haven’t dreamed of winning enough money to live comfortably for as long as possible?

We would advise you to not even try. Here, seniors have received an average of $1,490.89 per month in 2020, meaning that in total they’d gotten $17,890.71.

The meager raise in 2021 would bump those benefits up to $1,510.27 per month and $18,123 per year. The sooner you do the math on how much money you’ll need in order to live comfortably, the better!

39. District of Columbia

We’ve decided to add the District of Columbia to our list so as to not leave out all 58,903 who receive benefits here. Per month they receive $1,491.24, totaling up to $17,894.83 per year.

In 2021, the 1.3% raise will mean that retirees will receive an average $1,510.62 and $18,127 per year.

If you’re like us and you want your nest egg to be worry-free then consider methods of increasing your income now in order to save more money by the time you retire.

38. Texas

If you thought there were a lot of retirees in some other states before now then you haven’t seen anything. Currently, there are 2.95 million seniors in the Lone Star State alone that receive benefits. In 2020 the average amount is $1,495.80 per month and $17,949.64 per year.

If you want to ensure you’ll have more than that to live off during your most vulnerable adult years then it’s time to use everything you’ve got at your disposal and start looking for side gigs!

In 2021, beneficiaries will get $1,515.25 per month and $18,183 for the whole year if, of course, the 1.3% raise is indeed accurate.

37. West Virginia

There are currently 292,653 beneficiaries of the program living in the Mountain State. Here they received $17,957.24 for the whole year, meaning that each month seniors could spend $1,496.44 aside from their personal savings.

Once more, West Virginia is one of the 13 states that tax Social Security benefits, so if a senior is relying solely on those with no other savings then they’ll actually have even less money to spend on a yearly basis.

Due to COLA, 2021 doesn’t look all that great either since retirees will only receive about $18,191. Divide that for every month and you’ll get $1,515.89.

36. California

Since California is America’s most populous state, it’s no wonder that 4.44 million seniors live here. On average, they’ve received $1,496.45 a month in 2020 or $17,957.45 for the full year. In 2021 seniors can expect $18,191 or an average of $1,515.91 per month.

Did you know that there are more senior people benefiting from the Social Security program in California than in half the states of the U.S? I guess that means more seniors to spend time with and a bigger community to be a part of!

35. Idaho

Are you lucky enough to have an employer-based pension? They’re pretty rare these days save for a couple of jobs such as teaching, nursing, or military jobs. Of course, there are others, but most employers nowadays use 401(k) plans instead.

What about seniors who rely on Social Security in Idaho? In 2020 they have received $17,965.34 meaning that the average per month was $1497.11. In 2021 they’ll receive an average total of $18,199 or $1,516.57 per month due to the 1.3% COLA rise.

34. Alabama

Did you know that while you’ll find Heart of Dixie written on license plates in Alabama, the state doesn’t actually have an officially recognized nickname? But let’s just go with the Yellowhammer State for the purpose of our informative list!

So, in the Yellowhammer State, in 2020, seniors received around $17,969.13. That meant that the average benefit per month was $1,497.43 for 731,111 retirees.

In 2021 it is said that they will receive a total of $18,203, with benefits being split into $1,516.89 per month. That’s a little concerning, especially considering the around 50% of retired couples and as many as 70% of singles consider their benefits to represent 50% of their retirement income?

33. Georgia

It’s important to avoid falling into debt during retirement. The best way to avoid falling down this rabbit hole is to save enough money before you leave the workforce. In most cases, the best thing that you could do is stick to a strict monthly budget!

But if you’re already dealing with debts that seem to just never go away, perhaps it’s time to look into a debt consolidation loan!

Why? Because if you’re a senior living in Georgia you may have only received $17,990.73 in 2020, meaning $1,499.23 a month. 2021 doesn’t look that great either since it is estimated that elderly people will receive $18,225 for the whole year and $1,518.72 per month.

32. Ohio

The 1.62 million seniors who benefit from the program received around $18,005.50 for the full year in 2020. In 2021, we think you’ll be receiving around $18,240.

Compare the $1,519.96 you’ll get next year per month to how much 2020 had to offer: only $1,500.46… Doesn’t seem like much, does it? Do you need more seasons to start saving up money now!?

At any rate, if you want to retire to Ohio, and more specifically to Columbus, this shouldn’t be a problem. After all, it’s also known as The Heart of It All since it is located within 500 miles of 48 percent of the U.S. population!

31. Missouri

Here is yet another one of the 13 states that tax Social Security benefits. Seniors in Missouri have likely received $18,025.14 in 2020, meaning $1,502.10 per month.

The same 897,621 retirees in the Show Me State will receive $18,259 in 2021, averaging at about $1,521.62 per month thanks to COLA.

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