8 Reasons Your Retirement Will Be Tougher Than You Expect

2. Seniors can’t shake recent tough times

Nowadays we think of the Great Recession as a long past financial disaster, but let’s remind ourselves that men and women in their 50s and 60s have been hit incredibly hard, and some might not have recovered at all since then!

Everything from investment savings to home values plummeted, a great number of people lost their livelihoods and have been struggling to get back on track ever since with varying degrees of success.

The solution? Put your pride away that and get help however you can. You shouldn’t think about it as charity but rather as doing your best to ensure that your retirement is comfortable. Try contacting a bankruptcy attorney through the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys or a credit counselor through the National Foundation for Credit Counseling nonprofit organization.

More often than not, those who try to work through their financial problems on their own won’t get very far! It’s OK to ask for help every now and then.

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